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GARACH & GARACH is a multi-disciplinary firm of Financial Advisors who provide professional commercial and financial solutions to quality conscious clients in a cost effective manner.

The firm has a vision to be the professional service provider of choice that rapidly and consistently secures superior delivery.


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Personal Finance news

  • Is an airline allowed to cancel your return ticket and keep your money or is that theft?
  • I ordered a handbag filled with roses from NetFlorist, but what they sent me instead was a wooden ornament containing five little roses.
  • Reader Linda Aylen writes in about her experience of gift cards.
  • For years, millennials looked at owning a home as a distant fantasy.

Tax news

  • By increasing the income tax brackets by just one percent, instead of in line with the inflation rate, the minister of finance will squeeze more in tax from mid-income earners.
  • The best way to duck dividends tax is by contributing to your retirement fund. But tax-free savings accounts and, if you?re on a high marginal tax rate, an endowment policy are also worthwhile options.
  • If you belong to a medical scheme, from March 1 you will be able to deduct from the tax you owe a medical tax credit of R303 a month for yourself and the first dependant you register on the scheme.
  • Members of provident funds may enjoy another year of tax deductions for contributions to their funds without being forced to buy a pension with these tax-incentivised savings.

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