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GARACH & GARACH is a multi-disciplinary firm of Financial Advisors who provide professional commercial and financial solutions to quality conscious clients in a cost effective manner.

The firm has a vision to be the professional service provider of choice that rapidly and consistently secures superior delivery.


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Personal Finance news

  • If an adviser recommended that you move your policy to a new company, the FSB is asking you to find out whether the move was in your best interests.

  • The National Credit Act imposes a limit on the charges that can be levied if you default on your debt, but the overcharging of interest and collection costs persists.

  • Banking packages for people over 55 appear generous, but if you can’t afford to keep a relatively high minimum amount in your account or a linked account, many benefits fall away.

  • It has taken a while for the message to emerge that investors’ money in registered local unit trust funds is safe

Tax news

  • There is a tax sting in the tail when it comes to selling a primary residence that has been used for purposes of trade.

  • Some of the penalties imposed on provisional taxpayers who fail to meet their obligations have recently been simplified, but others have been made more onerous.

  • Amendments to the Income Tax Act have important implications for over-65s who receive income of more than R30 000 a year from interest, foreign dividends and rental.

  • The penalties you could pay if you fall foul of SARS.

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