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GARACH & GARACH is a multi-disciplinary firm of Financial Advisors who provide professional commercial and financial solutions to quality conscious clients in a cost effective manner.

The firm has a vision to be the professional service provider of choice that rapidly and consistently secures superior delivery.


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Personal Finance news

  • What’s the difference between saving and investing?

  • Credit life insurance provides cover in the event of you having outstanding debt when you die. It usually also pays out if you are disabled or retrenched. Globally, it is by far the most common form of long-term insurance by number of policies sold, although it can be a short-term insurance product, too. And although the premiums are usually low, profit margins are high, according to “Treating customers fairly: questions for the actuarial profession”, a 2014 paper by actuaries Rob Rusconi, Paul Truyens and the Actuarial Society’s Treating Customers Fairly Committee.

  • The United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union caused wild swings on financial markets around the world, but if you are investing for the long term, you probably don’t have a reason to change your investments.

  • Banks are offering relatively high interest rates on five-year fixed deposits, and it may be tempting to invest in one. But make sure your decision is an informed one. Any investment has its advantages and disadvantages, and, depending on where we are in market cycles, some types of investment are more appropriate than others. You need to be fully aware of all the factors at play before committing your money.

Tax news

  • If you think SARS has erred in its assessment of your tax obligation, you can lodge an objection and, if necessary, take it through a dispute-resolution process.

  • The amnesty that will start later this year may be your last chance to come clean about any assets that you hold offshore illegally.

  • The special voluntary disclosure programme may seem similar to the “grey money” tax amnesty, but there are a number of differences.

  • Parliament’s Standing Committee on Finance has approved a bill that will delay for two years the requirement for members of provident funds to buy a pension at retirement.

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