Garach & Garach

GARACH & GARACH is a multi-disciplinary firm of Financial Advisors who provide professional commercial and financial solutions to quality conscious clients in a cost effective manner.

The firm has a vision to be the professional service provider of choice that rapidly and consistently secures superior delivery.


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Personal Finance news

  • What to read in the print edition of Personal Finance on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

  • The validity of indemnity notices and agreements

  • Three management companies have been battling it out over the past three years to win the Raging Bull Award for company of the year.

  • Asset managers disagree over best withdrawal strategy for living annuity pensioners

Tax news

  • If you have income and/or assets in SA and a nomadic lifestyle, you could become a taxpayer in more than one country … or none.

  • How you, as an individual with common allowances and deductions, can submit your ITR12 income tax return.

  • Tax experts clear up possible confusion over which foreign dividends and interest you should declare

  • The US’s Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act has far-reaching implications for taxpayers around the world

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